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Van Damme Weddings
(928) 282-5067
85 Castle Rock Trail
Sedona, AZ
Sedona DJs
(928) 300-4646
P.O. Box 21001
Sedona, AZ
Weddings By L'Auberge
(928) 204-4358
301 L'Auberge Lane
Sedona, AZ
Affordable Sedona Weddings
(800) 834-4998
205 Sunset Dr # 179
Sedona, AZ
Arizona DJ Music & More
(928) 300-7092
75 Birch Blvd
Sedona, AZ
Agave of Sedona
(928) 301-6640
1146 W State Route 89A
Sedona, AZ
Weddings in Sedona, Inc.
(800) 973-3762
325 Arroyo Pinon Dr
Sedona, AZ

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Sedona Luxury Weddings & Events LLC
(928) 282-4811
25 Sunset Hills
Sedona, AZ
Weddings of Sedona
(928) 282-1906
465 Harmony Dr
Sedona, AZ
Plein Air Festival
(928) 282-3809
15 Art Barn Rd, Sedona
Sedona, AZ
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Recommit to Your Marriage Vows

Written by Carey Casey

Date Posted: Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Men, are you taking your wife for granted? Let me take care of that nonsense right now. I have buddies whose brides died of cancer. A while back I received a call from my friend Billy about his wife, whom he has loved since they met back in college. He said, “Carey, she’s sick. She’s really in trouble.” And he broke down and cried.

ImageMen who have lost their wives would give anything to go back and do things just a little better. Maybe they’d change their priorities, or make better use of the time they do have. Men who have been through a divorce often have similar feelings.

Sometimes you hear about couples renewing their marriage vows, and I think that’s a useful idea whether it’s a formal ceremony or just an inner recommitment “from this day forward, ‘til death do us part.”

And what about that line, “in sickness and in health”? I don’t think the bride and groom fully appreciate what they’re saying. What if the marriage ceremony actually listed some of the possible challenges, sicknesses and tragedies? What if one of the spouses will get cancer, be paralyzed, or have mental problems? Maybe they’ll have a miscarriage or two. Tragedy almost always takes us by surprise. And suddenly we’ve forgotten the vows made many years ago, or we never realized what the vows mean in the first place.

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